Privacy and Terms

Our aim in creating the Language Spy web site has been to create a service that does not require us to collect any personal information from its users. For example we do not require a log-in or an email address, our only use of persistent cookies is to check that you've clicked the mandatory European cookie directive box, and we do not use other means to identify you in the provision of our services.

If you send us a message via our contact form, your email address will only be used on our reply to you. We do not keep any mailing lists or databases and we do not send unsolicited mail.

We keep aggregate figures for word searches to allow us to generate our "Frequent search" lists, however these do not contain information specific to any individual user.

We do however display social media share buttons, keep a web server log file, use a third-party analytics service, and display third-party adverts on our site.

Our social media share buttons are each powered by their respective social network providers. They may store information including clicks on the buttons and how often the buttons are displayed. You should read the individual privacy policies for Facebook, Twitter, and Google to understand how these buttons affect your privacy.

Our server log file captures a standard array of information relating to each request the server receives. This may include the IP address you are using at the time of your visit, your browser version, and the pages you requested from the site. We may use this information to gain a wider statistical view of how the site has been used. This information does not provide us with enough to uniquely identify your browser.

We use a third-party analytics service to measure our traffic. It collects information from your browser and aggregates it with the same data from all our users. This allows us to analyse our traffic and usage trends without giving us the ability to identify individual users.

We use third-party advertisment networks on this site. These networks will receive the same information in their server log files that we do, as your browser downloads the adverts from their servers. They may also set cookies, use Javascript, or other means to collect information about your browser's visits to our site or other sites. They will typically use this information to try to tailor the adverts they serve to you, and for analytic purposes to guage the effectiveness of their service.

If you would prefer to restrict the data captured by any of these third-parties, you have several choices. You can enable privacy mode in your browser, sometimes also known as incognito mode or private browsing. You can manage the cookies held by your browser, for example by using the information at these links for current at-time-of-writing versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Or for participating advertising networks you can opt out of having any data collected. To opt-out for advertising networks in the EU you can go here, while for networks in the USA you can go here.

We are not able to control how you or your browser handle information from us or from third parties. We hope that this page has given you enough useful plain-language information about our site and services to enable you to manage their privacy implications for you, however we can not be held responsible should you feel this not to be the case.

We can not be held responsible for the content on any third party sites beyond our control that may be linked from our site by third parties or by any other means.

We are a language technology company and our product is the computational processing of language in all its forms. In some cases this will include the computational analysis of language that is offensive or otherwise inappropriate. This does not mean that we endorse such language, merely that our software has encountered it and analysed it. We study language, we do not police it and can not be held responsible for it.

We do not aim our products at children. We consider language technology to be mostly harmless, but as the previous paragraph says not all language is suitable for all people. If an under-18 visits this site, it is the responsibility of their parent or guardian to ensure that they consider it appropriate for the under-18.