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UK and US political trend analysis tool

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This is the portal to the Language Spy political trend analysis tool. Using the form and buttons above you can examine the language surrounding political events in the UK and the US both in the present and in the past. Our UK analysis goes back to the 15th of June 2009 and our US analysis goes back to the 7th of April 2014.


There are two main functions of this tool, timelines and trends.


The timeline gives you a word cloud and table for each week containing the frequently used words during that week. Clicking on an individual word gives you the trend information for that word in that time period.

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The trends page allows you to look at and compare individual words and two word phrases. Their frequencies are presented side-by-side in a graph over the selected time period, while their collocates (Words that frequently appear alongside them) are listed in a set of tabs further down the page. World events can be seen unfolding in the graphs, while unexpected connections will appear in the collocates.

How it works

The tool works by continuously running statistical analysis of language used in both UK and US politics, and storing its frequency and collocate data over time. It does not contain the language itself, but for the insight it seeks to provide it does not need to. A statistical analysis of tens of millions of words of language will tell you far more than an individual sentence or paragraph.