I am a freelance technical journalist whose work appears both in print and online, and covers a wide range of subjects across the technical field. I have written for Hackaday, Hackspace magazine, MagPi magazine, Practical Wireless, and while working for the Oxford Dictionaries before Language Spy existed, for their OxfordWords Blog.

I am one of several contributing editors working for Hackaday.com.


I am a freelance electonic engineer whose work has fallen mainly in analogue projects in both the audio and RF domains.

In the past I have produced a range of amateur radio kits for the Raspberry Pi single board computer. This business is currently on hiatus for personal reasons.


I have produced software professionally over three decades, using everything from perl and classic ASP in the 1990s to Python and C for microcontrollers in the present.

In particular I have done a lot of work in the field of language analysis.


I am an active participant in my local hackerspace communities, have been a hackerspace director, and have written extensively on the subject of hackerspace governance.

How to find me

Your best bet for finding me at the moment is via Twitter.